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Zhe Jiang Kang Long Da Special Protection Technology.,LTD

Who is KLD?

Zhejiang Kanglongda Special Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a corporate specialized in the design, research and production of protective gloves and mittens. The corporate continues to develop new material, new process, new technology, new equipment and new protective gloves and has currently developed into a leading expert of hand protection in China.

What glove KLD can supply?

The company can supply the HPPE cut resistant gloves, impact protection gloves, Chemical resistant gloves, antistatic gloves,high temperature resistant gloves, abrasion resistant gloves, etc. The company products are widely applied in various industries such as architecture, electricity, electronics, automobile, machinery manufacturing, metallurgy,petrifaction, extractive industry

What's the preponderance KLD can service?

The company is advantageous in complete kinds of stitches and rubber coatings. According to different requirements for protective function and level of protection, the company has developed over a hundred products including four classes and over thirty series. As one of the manufacturers with the most complete product specifications in China, it can meet various demands of customers and provide one-stop purchase service of protective gloves.




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