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15G grey nylon/spandex liner with black Topflex(Water spray Nitrile micro foam) palm coated and nitrile dotted palm

◆ Comfort: Close-fit seamless polyester knit is soft, breathable, and dexterous.

◆ Durability: TopFlex is our thinnest and most breathable microfoam. Even though it is thin, it still provides excellent abrasion resistance.

◆ Grip: TopFlex is engineered to have good unversal grip in dry, wet and oily conditions. It has small micro pores that channel away liquid, maximizing contact to gripping surface

◆ Nitrile Dots: Nitrile dots further enhance durability, wet, and dry grip of our Top Flex Water Spray Nitrile Micro Foam nitrile. They also help to extend glove life.

Product Detail

Model Liner Coating ANSI EN388:2016
 KL513 Nylon/Spandex Topflex(Nitrile Microfoam) / 4X31
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